Career Detectives

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Career Detectives

Career Detectives helps teachers embed careers education within the core curriculum. The resource:

  • makes links between educational subjects and future career opportunities
  • raises aspirations and attainment thus increasing social mobility
  • broadens young people’s horizons by educating them about the wide range of opportunities in the world of work
  • help schools fulfil a number of Ofsted requirements

Career Detectives is targeted at the transition phase between primary and secondary schools.

How does Career Detectives help pupils?

  • helps children understand the purpose of education and give learning context
  • integrates Careers with the Maths, English and Science curriculum to demonstrate the links between education and future life choices
  • provides a range of stimulating information about careers across all sectors
  • enhances and raises awareness of key skills including team work, communication, leadership, creativity and confidence
  • embeds other key learning outcomes including healthy eating and citizenship

What does Career Detectives include?

  • 1 highly engaging board game
  • 14 Career Cards offering information on 168 different careers
  • 335 Challenge Cards covering Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Key Skills, Healthy Eating, Citizenship and, of course, Careers
  • 1 Teachers Tips resource pack offering over 30 additional games, exercises and starting points for careers lesson plans across the curriculum

Career Detectives is designed so that any member of school staff can deliver high quality career-related learning within minutes. The board game can be played by up to 10 players (or as a whole class using just the Challenge Cards without the board). All other games and exercises included can be run either in small groups or as whole class activities. Activities are designed to be flexible so can last between 10 minutes or several lessons.

How much does Career Detectives cost?

Career Detectives costs £125 +VAT for UK customers. Discounts are available for multiple purchases. We even offer a Money Back Guarantee!

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