Why Career Detectives?

Career Detectives board

Most of us were less than overwhelmed with our own careers education at school, and continue to be so about that offered to our own children. Computers may have much to offer but an over-reliance on databases has led to an emphasis on Careers Information to the detriment of Careers Advice and Guidance.

Moreover careers education needs to be embedded into the curriculum, not offered as an add-on. In this way pupils begin to make essential connections between what they are learning, what is on offer in the world of work, and the employability skills they need in addition to their qualifications to get where they want to be in life. However, teachers are rarely trained in careers advice and guidance and we have designed Career Detectives as a resource which can be easily used and applied by teachers, assistants, and other support workers to this end.

At Big Green Fox we feel that most careers education begins too late, when children have already made important choices, become fixed in their notions of what they are good at and less good at, and begun to limit their own horizons in accordance with their own social context. Creative careers education needs to begin at an early age to enable maximum social mobility and increase aspiration by informing all children what a wide range of career choices the world has to offer.

The time when people gained the appropriate qualifications, entered professions and remained there for life is no longer with us and we need a new vision for new times. The job market now requires a flexible, multi-skilled and increasingly self-directed and motivated workforce and children at school need to be informed about the pros and cons of the various different entry routes into employment.

Our economy requires a trained workforce for the future, to ensure that our young people are equipped to take on the jobs that are available. In this way we are not reliant on migrant workers from overseas, can reduce unemployment, and underemployment, and are able to compete with the emerging global markets.