Who we are…

We are a pioneering company, unique in our commitment to careers education starting earlier, in primary schools, and supporting educators in delivering a competency, not just content, based education which helps young people better understand why they are attending school.

We don’t believe that a child’s future should be determined by a computer so our teaching resources encourage peer-supported exploration and positive discussion about life choices with friends, teachers and family. In doing so we aim to raise aspirations and attainment, broaden horizons and increase social mobility.

It has never been more important to help young people develop the essential employability skills to fulfil their potential and thrive in the world of work.

Joseph Leech

My life was changed when someone took my careers guidance seriously, enabling me to do the same. My own experience in school was one of bewilderment, unaware of the purpose of what I was being asked to do. My work in careers education and guidance led me to realise I was far from alone in this feeling, and I have since become dedicated to developing tools and educational resources that help young people make the link between education and future possibilities, enabling them to achieve their full potential, whatever their social background.

I started my career with a careers guidance company in Sheffield and progressed within the organisation. My talent and passion was soon spotted and was given one of the bursary places to qualify in the post graduate study of careers education. I went on to work with 22 schools to help them improve and invigorate their careers education before looking to develop a solution to the multiple problems and challenges inefficient careers education bring to the UK and ultimately the rest of the world.

I am on a mission to make careers education a purpose and a way of life for society rather than a subject so that it can be embedded in our being and provide every individual with context for their learning and a direction for their future.

Jon Maiden

I am passionate about helping young people play an active, positive role in society and using business to bring about transformational social change.

Formerly the director of a theatre company and live arts venue. Currently a board member of the Youth Consortium Sheffield (YCS) and Signposts writers project and a registered Business Link consultant and business mentor.

Other previous experience includes managing a school for blind and multiple disability children and a charity for young burn survivors in South Africa, development work for the United Nations Development Programme in Poland and managing the Sheffield branch of the international exchange organisation AIESEC.

When not developing careers resources, I can often be found climbing some desolate mountain or ticking off the goals on my Life List. Click here for my personal blog.

Creative Team

Big Green Fox draws on the experience and expertise of a range of professionals in order to build a Creative Team which can ensure resources are both highly innovative and developed to highest quality possible. These include teaching staff from both primary and secondary schools, drama specialists, university staff, business professionals, school governors and parents. We are particularly thankful to Dr. Liz Tomlin of the University of Birmingham for her input on research and product development.

Our resources are also extensively trialled with young people in school environments as part of the development process.


Big Green Fox is further supported by the following associates:

Prospects - distribution

Howard Lock - intellectual property

Wake Smith Solicitors - legal advice

Brown McLeod Accountants – finance and accountancy

Revolution Inc - marketing design and product manufacture

Side by Side - artwork and design

CurlyWeb - artwork and design

Brad Baker – product design