• "An innovative, fun and powerful tool that connects life and learning brilliantly!”
    Richard Gerver, Head Teacher of the Year 2005
  • “I am happy to recommend Career Detectives. The game met with enthusiasm from the children
    who were genuinely interested in discussing potential careers after using the game.”
    Simon Hughes MP, Minister for Access to Education
  • “I loved how it makes education fun!”
    Year 6 pupil
  • "Career Detectives is fun, educational, helps with career choices and keeps the players engaged throughout. This is an excellent resource which the students ask to play over and over again."
    Vicky Hannah, Teacher
  • "An ideal product to use with Year 8 pupils to meet the new revised
    statutory guidance for schools on careers guidance.”
    Ian Guest, Wigan Careers Service
  • “I like this game because you learn skills, careers and education.”
    Year 7 pupil


It has never been more important to help young people develop the essential skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil their potential and thrive in the world of work. We at Big Green Fox are therefore committed to careers education starting earlier, from primary school, and supporting educators in delivering competency, not just content, based learning which helps young people better understand the purpose of school.

Our first resource, Career Detectives, is a powerful tool to help teachers embed careers education within the core curriculum. The resource raises aspirations by making links between educational subjects and future career opportunities and broadens young people’s horizons by educating them about the wide range of opportunities in the world of work.

Our latest resource, Panjango, offers a radically different approach to careers education and gives learning context and purpose by directly linking the curriculum to work-related challenges. The resource enables students to learn about the world of work in an interactive and engaging virtual learning environment whilst developing the knowledge, skills and experience needed to thrive in life after school.

Find out more about Career Detectives here and Panjango here.